Target Age Group



The manufacturer recommends their software for children in this age range.



Adjusted Words per Minute Results



The typing software will change the words-per-minute results after discounting your child's typing errors; this is called adjusted words per minute.



Number of Practice Sessions



The number of practice sessions the typing software contains. (An NA means this information was unavailable.)



Adjustable Challenge Levels



The typing software offers lessons and exercises at different levels, such as beginner, intermediate, and advanced typist.



Multi-Level Play



The games contain multiple levels of play, and some games track all-time high scorers.



Auto Save Results on all Activities



The typing software will automatically save results of your child's timed tests, lessons and other activities from one session to the next.



Graphs - Bar, Line & Stacked



The typing software will chart your child's progress through drills, lessons, and tests by displaying comparison information on a graph.



Create Custom Test & Timings



The typing software helps you create or customize typing tests by changing the length of existing tests or by importing your own material.



View Progress Results on Screen



The results of your child's lessons, drills, tests and any other activities are displayed on the computer screen.



Certificates of Achievements



The typing software will print a document certifying your child's typing skills based on time and accuracy.



Graduated Lessons - Containing Words, Sentences and Paragraphs



The typing software contains lessons and practices that focus on individual words, sentences or paragraphs.